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  • Barite cluster, 3 X 4 inches. width:401;;height:351
  • Colourful fluortie veins, with Bob for scale! width:500;;height:333
  • Large barite plate, weighs 40 lbs., yellow crystals to 4 inches. width:528;;height:540
  • Sharp fluorite octos on drusy quartz, 2010. width:640;;height:480
  • Loose plates in pocket, fluorite cuboctohedrons on quartz. width:686;;height:420
  • Ore was trammed 8 k., tram towers still stand. width:370;;height:540
  • Picking pockets on a field trip. width:600;;height:400
  • Fluorite phantom octohedrons, 2 X 3 inch. width:381;;height:302
  • Purple veins make nice lapidary material. width:661;;height:469
  • Original powder house from the 1916 miners. width:559;;height:377
  • Barite specimen on display at Royal Ontario Museum. width:413;;height:449
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