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  • Climbing the ladder out of our 17 ft. deep hole, November 2010 width:405;;height:540
  • Matrix plate, 8 X 5 cm. width:476;;height:487
  • Crystal-bearing 'eggs' in matrix. width:600;;height:449
  • It takes a week to get this deep.  We'll have this part done when you arrive. width:600;;height:450
  • Our 2005 hole, 4 people could keep 15 buckets filled constantly. width:600;;height:450
  • Tools of the trade. width:370;;height:540
  • waste comes out of the hole by hand-powered windlass .. a gum log! width:600;;height:411
  • Big 'eggs' in a 2005 hole. width:575;;height:540
  • Matrix smokies, on pale amethyst drusy quartz, 2010. width:600;;height:450
  • Freshly washed doubly-terminated (d.t.'s), 2010 width:600;;height:450
  • A female roo hops by... width:403;;height:540
  • Camping in the bush. My tent next to Doug's trailer. Guy lines support tarp over hole. width:680;;height:510
  • A male emu out for a walk with his chicks, right next to my tent. width:405;;height:540
  • Sorting the day's finds. width:680;;height:510
  • Fossil digging nearby produces geodic brachiopods with calcite crystals. width:600;;height:450
  • Selenite collecting is a day's drive away. width:278;;height:209
  • Cool rock formations in the nearby 'mountains' ... hills to non-Aussies. width:600;;height:450
  • End of another fine day of collecting.  Start the campfire and cook the steaks, mate! width:500;;height:375
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